Progressive Pet CBD Oil Transdermal Gel is a special compound that allows the absorbtion of CBD Oil through the skin. This formula is made specifically for cats, or for any situation in which it is diffucult to administer oral medication, by simply applying the gel to the skin.* Progressive Pet CBD Oil Transdermal Gel is easy to use, and just as effevctive as when administering orally.

Contains 20mg+ of cannabinoids per ml.

Active ingredients are hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil.

For best results, administer topically 3 times per day.

1 - 25lbs ~ .50ml

26 -50lbs ~ .75ml

51 - 75lbs ~ 1.0ml

75 + lbs    ~ 1.25ml

Increase/decrease amount according to your pet's needs.


*See product label for complete details and instructions

CBD Oil Transdermal Gel 90ml 1800mg

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  • This all natural and organic CBD oil contains no THC or chemicals, and supplies your pet with only the very best that nature has to offer. Put your precious pet on the road to healing, a place of improved mental health and general well-being, or simply aid them in the prevention of future disease... All in the purest way nature intended.