About Us

Lori J Smith
Lori is the practice manager at an animal hospital just outside Orlando, Florida, where she has been working for over 29 years. She began working at the hospital while attending the University of Central Florida, and her love for animals is what keeps her going. She has dedicated her life to helping them in any capacity possible, and that desire is what drove her to establish Progressive Pet Products, Inc. Upon asking why she began this company on top of managing a busy practice, she stated "The minute I saw what CBD Oil can do for our precious babies, and it does it naturally??... that was it. I had to get it to as many of them as I could, even if it helps just one. I will never forget what Dr. Murray said to me when I first started working at the hospital. It was about 1am and we had been working since about 8am and an emergency came in. I wanted to leave and he turned and looked at me and said "Lori, they have no voice so WE have to be their voice, we are all they have" In that moment his words were burned within me and have guided me my entire career... and now they will guide me in this next adventure!" 


Tara R Bergeson
Executive Sales
Tara is the VP of Home Operations for the Bergeson Group outside Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. 13 years ago she began her career while attending the University of Wisconsin Stout and hasn't looked back. She loves her position, but has always had a strong desire to work for and/or with animals in some capacity (we think it runs in the family, Lori is Tara's aunt!). With her position and raising three beautiful children, she just didn't have the extra time to pursue yet another career, until Lori approached her about coming on board Progressive Products, Inc. The minute Tara saw the amazing benefits the products had to offer animals she didn't hesitate. "I have always wanted to be on the forefront of something that is going to make a difference in this world, and now here it is. I am so excited to be a part of such an exciting and worthwhile opportunity to help others... the possibilities are endless! Now let's get going, we have lives to make better!"
Dr. Greg Murray, D.V.M.

Director of Research/Sales

Dr. Greg Murray graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and has been in practice for over 35 years. He practiced far and wide, from Hawaii, Kentucky, Georgia, and South Florida, before settling down and starting his own practice in Central Florida 30 years ago. He has been undaunted in his crusade to help every animal that he possibly can. He has committed his life to this pursuit and he isn't slowing down now. He is an amazing doctor with an uncanny sixth sense for animals. His clients and staff call him Dr. Dolittle because they swear he can talk to them. They go on to sing his praises saying that they are convinced that he was put on this earth to help animals and he has been an excellent steward of his gift. When asked his thoughts on getting involved with Progressive Pet Products, Inc. he said "I am so excited to be a part of this and to see this happening for the well being of the animals that we have been lucky enough to be entrusted with. It is one of the most positive steps toward curative aid and better health that I have ever seen, and to do it naturally just makes it all the better."